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1st January 2022

Phillip Bush Engineering, the manufacturer of Sounds and Pressure branded custom audio products, is now a VAT registered company.  This is great news for our EU and worldwide customers, who represent the vast majority of our customers.


So what does this mean for our customers?  Well we can now reclaim our VAT expenses and sell our products outside the UK with no UK VAT added.  The customer will still have to pay their countries import TAX, but overall this represents a substantial cost saving to our non-UK customers.  Due to this change in our tax status and due to the prevailing business conditions as a consequence of Brexit, we have had to increase our product costs slightly, but the vast majority of our customers will see an overall benefit.  UK customers will of course have to pay UK VAT.  However this is better than having to pay import VAT and customs duty on a product made outside the UK.

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