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£1093.75 ex. VAT
£1312.50 inc. VAT

With the same classic styling as the Goliath, the Goliath Plus preamp packs in additional channels on music, mic and aux sections as well as an additional 16 band EQ section.  There isn't a better specified or better looking preamp on the market at the price.

Goliath Plus Preamp Specification

  • 3 way analogue, mono preamp.

  • Natural finish aluminium case - vintage style

  • 2x Switchable line-phono channels with bass, treble, volume and send controls.

  • 3 way sub/mid/top master section control with kill switches and LED VUs (120/2.5k crossovers as standard).

  • Sub and mid-top semi parametric controls.

  • 16 band graphic equaliser.

  • 2x Microphone channels with volume, tone and send controls to external processor.

  • 2x Aux line channels (for external sirens, etc) with gain and send controls.

  • High quality 1/4” Neutrik jack connectors to rear.

  • Bass, mid, top and full range outputs.

  • RCA phono connects for turntable.

  • Insert socket on music channel.

  • Ground connector.

  • Fused, switched mains connector (available in 100-250V ac options).

  • Power LED

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