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£550.00 ex. VAT
£660.00 inc. VAT

Our original Mini Preamp is primarily intended for home use and built using the same high quality circuitry and parts that we use on all of our products.  Simple and stylish and tipping a hat to old school 50's-70's preamps, this Mini will enhance your listening experience, particularly when playing vintage styles of music. 


Mini preamp specification

  • 3 way analogue, mono preamp.

  • Brushed aluminium case.

  • Switchable line-phono channel with bass, treble, volume and send controls.

  • 3 way sub/mid/top master section control with kill switches (120/2.5k crossovers as standard).

  • Sub semi parametric control.

  • High quality 1/4” Neutrik jack connectors to rear.

  • Bass, mid, top and full range outputs.

  • RCA phono connects for turntable.

  • Ground connector.

  • Fused, switched mains connector (available in 100-250V ac options).

  • Power LED

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