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£1925.00 ex. VAT
£2310.00 inc. VAT

A highly specified and innovative mono preamp designed for serious sound system use.  Incorporating the exclusive Sounds and Pressure GROWL feature, which is designed replicate the sound of a vintage valve amplifier being driven hard on the sub speaker.  Achieve the sound of classic sound systems without the expense and hassle of running valve amplifiers.  


Growl preamp specification

  • 5 way mono preamp.

  • 2x switchable phono/line channels with bass and treble tone control & 2x sends on each. These are your music channels.

  • 3x line channels with bass and treble tone control & 2x sends on each.  These are your effects channels.

  • 2x microphone channels with bass and treble tone control, mid parametric control & 2x sends on each.

  • Unique bass growl feature on music section that closely replicates a hard driven valve amp. You can wind in as much or as little growl as you want. This feature is unique to S&P and nothing to do with parametrics or EQ.

  • 16 band EQ on music section.

  • 4x parametric (sweeps) control on music section - bass, kick, mids, mid/hi.

  • Runs 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 way crossover with master control section and kills. 24dB/octave roll off between each section.

  • Separate full range outputs.

  • Sweepable HP filter with gain and switch on each send channel (so you can send full range or higher frequency signal to off board effects).

  • Typical crossovers are 85/285/1.5k/4.5kHz with 24dB/octave roll offs or can be built to your requirements.

  • 6u steel case. Various finishes available:

    • High polish mirror front and rear fascias with black painted body;

    • brushed finish stainless front and rear fascias with painted body; or

    • black painted case. 

    • Other colours may incur a small additional cost.

  • Options for printing at additional cost.

  • Choice of 10 bar LED VUs or traditional analogue dial VUs

  • Fan cooled, high-capacity regulated power supply.  100-250V ac options available.

  • Balanced inputs/outputs throughout, including effects.  Connections are 1/4” jack as standard or outputs can include XLR on request on outputs at no additional cost.

  • 2x RCA phono inputs.

  • XLR  inputs for microphone channels.

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