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The following used equipment is available for purchase on a first come-first served basis.  Unless stated, it is all privately sold and so is not subject to UK VAT charges.

Custom Tubbys Style DJ Mixer £1750
​A perfect accompaniment to any of the S&P preamps if you wish to run multiple music sources with a more familiar DJ style mixer.  Provides a full range balanced output. Natural brushed steel finish.   Includes custom birch ply case. 

  • 4 way level controls and kills.

  • 2x switchable phono/line channels with bass and treble tone control, input signal trim, volume fader & 1x send on each. These are your music channels.

  • 1x line channel with bass and treble tone control, volume fader & 1x send.  This is an effects channels.

  • 1x microphone channel with bass and treble tone control, mid parametric control, volume fader & 1x send.

  • VU monitors on all channels; master output VU.

  • 4x parametric (sweeps) control on music section - bass, kick, mids, mid/hi.

  • Effects return controls with gain, bass and treble control.

  • Master and monitor controls.  Full range outputs on each. 

  • Balanced inputs/outputs throughout, including effects.  

  • 2x RCA phono inputs.

  • XLR  inputs for microphone channels.

Long Case Baracuda ***SOLD***

3 way with additional retrofitted 4 way output.

For us, the best vintage preamp of them all. Nicest sounding rolling sub and decent controls on mids & tops.  A very rare opportunity to purchase and extremely rare and classic British preamp. 


  • 3 x phono / line channels

  • 4 x aux / mic

  • 2 x send / returns with tone control

  • 10 band EQ

  • Multiple semi parametrics

  • Master

  • Headphone for 3 channels

  • Crossovers are approx as these old preamps don’t flat EQ and circuit architecture hinders measurement. Sub/mid 120-150Hz. Mid top 4.5-5kHz

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