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£687.50 ex. VAT
£825.00 inc. VAT

Stunning retro looks based on some of the classic 50's/60's/70's custom preamp designs.  The Goliath mono preamp really shines for home audio use and we've used it to enhance all music genres, from reggae to rockin' R&B.  This preamp has all the controls you need to extract every last detail from your old recordings.  But don't underestimate the simplicity, because with mic, aux and send/return controls, plus a useful insert socket, you can, for instance, plug in an external equaliser and control big dances with ease. 


Goliath preamp specification

  • 3 way analogue, mono preamp.

  • Brushed aluminium case.

  • Switchable line-phono channel with bass, treble, volume and send controls.

  • 3 way sub/mid/top master section control with kill switches and LED VUs (120/2.5k crossovers as standard).

  • Sub and mid-top semi parametric controls.

  • Microphone channel with volume, tone and send controls to external processor.

  • Aux line channel (for external sirens, etc) with gain and send controls.

  • High quality 1/4” Neutrik jack connectors to rear.

  • Bass, mid, top and full range outputs.

  • RCA phono connects for turntable.

  • Insert socket on music channel.

  • Ground connector.

  • Fused, switched mains connector (available in 100-250V ac options).

  • Power LED

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